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How to Create the Perfect Adult Classifieds Ad for Escorts

How to Create the Perfect Adult Classifieds Ad for Escorts

Did you know that only a small number of adult classifieds and escorts ads get the majority of views?


Pareto Principle or 80/20 rule states that, for many events, roughly 80% of the effects come from 20% of the causes.


Think about that for a second.


For escorts advertisements this means 80% of all views goes to the top 20% of all ads.


If you’re not in the top 20% then you are scrambling (along with the lower 80%) for the few number of views left.


If you’re in the escorts or sex industry and you advertise on adult classifieds websites frequently, this may shock you.


Did you also know there are secrets to creating the best escort ads that gets you in the top 20% every time?


Today, we’re going to reveal those industry secrets and show you how to create the best adult classifieds escorts profile.


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Secrets to Creating the Best Adult Classifieds Escorts Profile


Having been in the business for a number of years, we can safely predict which ads will get the most views and and in turn messages down to a science.


It all comes down to the way you compose your photos, and how to write effective headlines and ad descriptions.


Where to Advertise Escorts Ads

Whether you are just starting out or a veteran in the escort business you need to promote yourself.


One of the most effective methods of promotion is through free online escorts directory or adult classifieds such as this one. This is because it provides the most number of visitors and exposure relative to the cost of placing an ad on the local newspaper.


This website alone has thousands of visitors each week with the sole intention of seeking adult services.


Image is Everything

Through the years, we're responsible for putting up and authorising thousands of escorts ads on this website (and others) and the one thing that keeps coming back to how successful an ad is, is that successful ads often have the best photos.


When we say the best photos, we don't mean ones that contains a models appearance  or even body. Best photos are almost always well thought out and put together.


You don't need model looks and figure to stand out. What you need are certain cues that triggers the male sexual desire as outline below.


The Four Cues of Sexual Attraction

Men are visual creatures. It has been scientifically proven that men are stimulated by what they see . This is supported by the large amount of porn consumed by men relative to women.      


There are a few visual cues that attracts men and instantly trigger their sexual desire and they are:


Physical cue – Men tend to focus on body parts. However, they do have individual preference over what those body parts should look like.


Female arousal cue – There's nothing quite like women in a state of arousal that turns men on. Arousal cue can also be a suggestive pose or facial expression.

Authenticity cue – Men are turned on by genuine or authentic emotions. The adverse is also true. Men are turned off by fake emotions. In adult classifieds where there can be instances of fake ads, authenticity can also mean if the profile photos are real or not so selfies can be used to great effect here.


Novelty cue – Men likes new and exciting things this is made visible by the popularity of amateur porn. Men's attention and sexual attraction tend to diminish for familiar things or experiences. For your escorts ad, try taking photos in different angles and in different lingerie and change it up once in a while.


From analysing these four cues, we can safely say a good cover image is one that contains a combination of the above four cues.


If you can incorporate some of these cues then you're well on your way to success. If you can include ALL these cues in your photos, you pretty much win the Internet.


Not convinced yet?


What Makes a Sexy Adult Classifieds Ad Photo

Below are a few of mega babe Kate Upton sexiest photos as voted by Ranker.


Can you guess which ones garnered the most votes and which one has the least?


At the number 1 position with almost 14 thousand upvotes, is the photo on the right. You can safely say it satisfies all of the four cues: physical, arousal, authenticity and novelty to a degree.


Way on the bottom at rank 52 with only 1,800 votes is the one on the left.


How about another one? Can you tell which one is more popular?


If you were a guy, which photo will you click on?


If you guessed the first one, you would be correct.


The first one is ranked #3 with almost 6000 votes while the second one comes in at #44 with only 2000 votes.


See a pattern here?


The most popular photos are focused on her best assets and are often close up, angle shots that leave little to the imagination. There also seems to be a correlation of sexiness with using a 'hand bra'.


Granted all photos are professionally taken with good lighting, composition and are great by any standard. What we want to highlight here is that even with professional photos, there are ones that will stand out and gain more attention. In adult classifieds where visitors get an abundance of choice, you absolutely need to follow best practices and stand out.


Show Enough but Not Too Much

Sometimes more is less. Men like to be tempted and teased. Let their imagination take over. Nothing conveys sexiness and bring out your inner personality with lingerie. However, lingerie is not enough, you need to put it to good use which brings us to:


What Image Are You Trying To Convey

Regardless of how you shoot your photos it is imperative that you showcase your personality. Are you aiming for sexy, cute or mature? It should be tailored to your targeted audience and there's no right or wrong answer. Remember men have vastly different preferences so let your true personality shine through!


Professional Escorts and Model Photographer

It's no secret that professional photos get more clicks. Obviously, good photography costs money but for a few hundred dollars you can increase your exposure exponentially and charge more too. Consider it a necessary marketing expense.


A good, model shoot doesn't have to be expensive either. There are many places to get professional photography for a low price or even free such as:


Gumtree: You may be able to get free or dirt cheap professional photography from someone new looking to expand their working portfolio.


Airtasker: Airtasker also provides a cheap local alternative.  


The trick is to look for photographers looking to establish a portfolio in the modeling or escorts industry. Often they are quite good or close to professional standards but they often work for much less. Of course, check out their existing work beforehand.


A way of providing authenticity to your photos is to DIY or selfies. The latest android or IOS phones take amazing, almost professional looking photos and comes with many smart 'beautify' filter features. Most likely you will have such a feature built into your phone.


There are also a variety photo editing apps in store whether you own an iphone or android phone. Below are a few highly recommended ones that are very affordable or even free:


Snapseed – one of the the if not the most widely used mobile photo editing app on the market today. Possibly the most feature rich and versatile app as well. There's a learning curve though and may not be suitable for someone who wants quick results.


PicsArt PicsArt is user-friendly and targeted towards consumers rather than professionals. It is powerful yet very accessible photo editing app.


Instagram and Snapchat – Instagram and Snapchat have their very own photo filtering function too.


Photoshoping your Adult Classifieds Escorts Profile

Photoshop provides the most powerful features of any photo editing app and is used by professionals worldwide. It's probably overkill if you're only going to do a few photos as it can take a long time to master.

Photoshop makes a world of difference


Make Maximum Use of Photos

You are shooting yourself in the foot if you're not making the most of every photo opportunity. If an ad allows you to put 6 photos, don't just put in one or two.


Include Instagram or Twitter profile link if you have it to establish authenticity and social proof.


How to Write Good Escorts Ads Title and Description

Your ad title is arguably the most important aspect of your ad alongside your main photo. This is because the description is often the first thing that comes up when you do an ad search.


A well written ad title is one that showcase your specialty or competitive advantage and tailored to what your clients are searching for.


Think about your ideal client and what services you can provide for them. It should contain the following:


Include Keywords

The Ad title is what comes up when people do a search for services in adult classifieds search bars or even search engines such as Google and Bing. Don't make your clients guess what services you offer. Ideally, it will match what you have to offer with what your ideal clients want be it a special service, attribute or feature which brings us to:


Highlight your Unique Selling Point or Value Proposition

What are some of the things that you offer or specialise in that makes it unique or better than your competitors? Is it that you specialise in nuru massage , offer a 6 star experience or your 100% customer rating?


Make Use of Character Limits

Make the most of character limits. If the limit is 60 characters per heading title don't just put 30. More characters means higher click rates and conversion rates.


Create a Sense of Urgency or FOMO

Fear of missing out or FOMO is a powerful incentive to get your customers to book you as soon as they can. With so many ads available to them you want your clients to prioritise you first and FOMO gives them an extra nudge. Book now or miss out.  


We will highlight with a few examples.


Take for instance the following adult classifieds titles:

1. Sexy Blonde British Bombshell Nuru Massage Specialist in Sydney for 2 Days Only!

2. 23 year old new young girl sexy beauty

3. Jasmine Coxxx – 0469 696 969


The first one describes your unique selling proposition (nuru massage specialist) and are loaded with keywords that people might search for such as blonde, nuru massage, British etc… and has more opportunities to come up on many search results. It also create a sense of urgency in that you may miss out if you don't book within 2 days.


The second one doesn't make use of longer description and doesn't really tell what the ad is about. Not many people will search for '23 year old' or 'new young girl'. Plus, it's a waste of space to put your age or location in the heading title when it will also be in the description and bio later.  


The third one is even worse. In case you didn't realise it already, it's a fake profile title we created to illustrate this point but we do have many ad titles of similar syntax. First of all, no one will search for your name and second, why would anyone search for a phone number? The final strike is that these details should be included in your ad description anyway so it's a waste of space to put them in your ad title.


Always write something in your ad description 


You should always write something in your ad profile to increase authenticity and sell yourself. A great ad profile improves your booking rate and reveals something about yourself that attract your ideal clients.


What's a great escorts ad profile you ask?


For its purpose, it is one that appeals to your core audience and can persuade them to text, call or make a booking.


Use good grammar

First of all, if you're going to write a profile in an adults classifieds, make sure it's good. This means using good grammar. Consider hiring a copywriter if you're having trouble constructing a concise description and bio.


Men who pay for sexual services are more educated and generally earn a higher income than those who don't so using good grammar is often the deciding factor between an ad that gets booked or one that gets ignored.


How to Write a Persuasive Escorts Profile Description

Persuasive ads convert more customers. A good guideline to follow is the 6 principles of persuasion or by Robert Cialdini. These principles are outlined in his book, the Psychology of Persuasion and highlights 6 important aspects that increases the chances of success in sales and marketing which can also be used here. They are:


Consistency or Commitment

A person who is likely to go along with a decision that reflects their own self image. Similarly, a person who make initial commitments (however small) will continue with those commitments.


How you can use it in your adult classifieds ad

Identify and create a persona of your favourite type of client and write in a way that appeals to their desires and self image.  


Invite a commitment of your ideal client by initiating smaller commitments such as follow you on social media or watch a small video of you etc..



People are more persuaded by the people they like.


How you can use it in your adult classifieds ad

By creating a positive persona online you can use likability as a weapon of influence. By having and maintaining an active social media profile with a positive vibe you can obtain more followers and likes, adding to your likeability.



Ever wonder why some ads like to put dentists, doctors and industry experts in there? To establish authority. If a certified dentist recommends a brand of toothpaste, we are more likely to buy it.


How you can use it in your adult classifieds ad

Do you have a certificate or in-depth knowledge of a service? It may be worthwhile to highlight this in your bio.


Sociability/Social Proof

People will do what others do and the fear of missing out is a strong urge to get people to take action.


How you can use it in your adult classifieds ad

Asking your satisfied customers to write reviews of you will attract potential future clients.


Provide your Facebook, Instagram or Twitter account (if you have many connections) will result in higher conversion rates.



The more scarce or limited a product or service is, the more people are willing to pay. Think of every Apple iphone launch where stock is purposely hold back to generate buzz.


How you can use it in your adult classifieds ad

Perhaps you are visiting a particular city for a limited time, or only available on certain days make sure to list that in your profile. What's important here is that scarcity doesn't need to be a reality. It only needs to be perceived as so.



We are more likely to give something back or returning a favour when we received something from someone whether it's a service or product.


How you can use it in your adult classifieds ad

An easy way to establish reciprocity is give out free content. Perhaps a private photo or selfie or some candy or drink for paying customers to entice them for return visits.


In Summary

Statistically, only the top 20% of escorts ads get the majority views (80%). If you want to stand out from the rest and be in the top 20%, you need to choose better photos and write better ads headlines and description. A great cover photo is one that has a close up shot with a combination physical cue, arousal cue, authenticity and novelty cue.


A good escorts ad title is fundamental in targeting what people search for and should be one that contains keywords that matches your personality and what you specialise in. A good persuasive adult classifieds ad profile description will have qualities that include consistency, likability, authority, scarcity, social proof and reciprocity.


If you can incorporate all these aspects into your ad profile, you will see vast improvements to your ad performance.