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Best Brothels in Sydney

Best Brothels in Sydney

Brothels in Sydney are one of the best places for adult experiences you can have while living in or travelling in Australia, perhaps even the world. The reason being, brothels in Sydney are 100% legal, coupled with favorable working conditions and high salary and you can see why so many beautiful women flock to Sydney to find work, which means you will have an abundance of women from all over the world to choose from!  


Since we're seeing gradual easing of coronavirus restrictions, we thought it'd be fun to review and rate the gems of Sydney so we can better prioritise our selection to cure our lockdown fatigue when the time comes. 


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Sydney brothel luxury rooms



There are currently over 244 brothels in Sydney and they're pretty much spread out all across the city and surrounding suburbs. In fact, you'll find it hard not to find a brothel in the CBD of Sydney and within 60kms (37 miles) of its radius.


There's a reason why brothels are so ubiquitous in Sydney and that's because brothels in Sydney are legal and regulated. In fact, brothels are legal in most states across Australia. It's an accepted way of life and no one really bats an eye if you visit one. This coupled with a relatively easy Visa means you will find beautiful women of many nationalities working in brothels in Sydney. 



We base our criteria for the best brothels in Sydney on a few important features: the service and quality of its workers, customer service, the quality of the establishment and return factor. 



This is an important criteria we based our rankings on. I think most of our readers will agree that service is the single most important factor when ranking a Gentle's Establishment and its working ladies. Perhaps even more so than the looks of the ladies working there which can be subjective.



Everyone's taste is different and variety is the spice of life. Brothels that have more variety of workers to choose from will be scored more favourably. However, having a large variety of workers does not always translate to a better brothel, just a higher chance to cater to everyone's taste.



Quality of a brothel means the cleanliness and overall satisfaction of the rooms and facilities. Are the rooms and towels in tip top condition. Whether they have clean bathrooms and showers or ceiling mirrors for example will contribute to the ranking factor.



How satisfied are people with the communications and handling of bookings for example will contribute to the customer service ranking of a brothel.



A good indication of how good an establishment is if a customer will return to it. 



There are often a few very selected ladies of every brothel that are often sung with high praise and booked days in advance, these are the MVPs. MVPs have many loyal customers and are most definitely in demand so a booking is often required to avoid disappointment in missing out. However, ladies often move around in this industry so we will not rate an establishment higher due to one single worker. 



All rankings factors are based on if the customer is visiting the brothel for the first time because regulars may get additional benefits and extras. Furthermore, the connection with their favourite worker will present a more biased view.


There are a few variables that we consider to be outside the norm of a regular brothel service and will not be taken into account when ranking the best brothels in Sydney and they are:




Some brothels offer massage on top of their standard services while others don't. Some are included with the price while others cost extra. While massages compliment the service, it will never be as good as the ones from an authentic massage shop.



Although use of condoms is standard and common practice in brothels in Sydney you may find that certain establishments and workers allow oral without the use of one. These agreements are settled inside the room with the worker. Our rating will not take this into effect as this is not the norm with your casual brothel goer. 



Anal sex is not the norm at Sydney brothels. While some shops will openly advertise it, it will largely be dependent on the worker there and her comfort level with you. They are most often charged as an extra service.


This list is in no way set in stone. As ladies come and go and whether a brothel has recent renovations or new management for example will alter the rankings in a drastic way.


If you think your brothel should be ranked higher or be on the list, please contact us to discuss qualification requirements and recent improvements made.



You are spoilt for choice when visiting Sydney brothels. There are primarily two types of brothels in Sydney: Ones that have Asian workers and ones that have Aussie and International ladies. Asian brothels tend to be slightly more affordable and offer such services as BBBJ (oral without condom) at no extra charge.



Standard full service across brothels in Sydney and Australia in general includes shower, handjob, covered blowjob and sex. 


Condom use is mandatory in most brothels but some may offer natural blowjobs at no charge or as an extra service. Anal is dependent on the worker and is almost always added as an extra service. Non standard services including BDSM, CIM and COF are also dependent on the worker but are often added as an extra service.


Refer to our acronym list for full details of sexual services


The majority of quality brothels tend to be around the Sydney CBD and Surry Hills area so if you're short on time or want to sample the best Sydney has to offer this area is where you want to be in. 






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Address: 310 Cleveland St Surry Hills NSW 2010

Phone number: 02 7901 3000

Opening hours: 10AM to 2AM

Workers Ethnicity: Mostly Asian

Pricing: $240+ per hour


Situated in Surry Hills among some of the most densely packed brothels per square metre in Sydney, Ginza boasts a variety of ladies from many Asian countries including Japan, China, Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand.


The highlight of this brothel is without a doubt it's quality of women to choose from and their extraordinarily high level of service. Most of the workers are in their 20's with tight bodies and natural breasts. 


Another attraction of Ginza is its themed rooms where you can immerse yourself in and roleplay such as the Japanese emperor’s palace, regal French style suite, ancient Chinese palace and Roman Empire style bedroom.


All in all, we think Ginza is a top class brothel in Sydney that's right up there with the best in the world. 


What Customers say about Ginza

The Good

Gorgeous girls, top class service

Top class ladies


The Bad

Their website is outdated and not very responsive

Pricing is higher than other similar shops

Some Photoshopped girls but service is great regardless of the looks of the worker


Tiffany's Girls

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Address: 99 Albion Street Surry Hills, Sydney NSW Australia 2010

Phone number: (02) 9212 1195

Opening hours: 11AM – 5AM

Workers Ethnicity: Australian and International

Pricing: $320+ per hour 


Tiffany's Girls is one of the most established brothels in Sydney boasting 10+ working ladies everyday including local Aussies and international ladies ready to please and pamper you. 


Customers can request a number of extras and fetishes such as BDSM, roleplay, costumes and toys.


The rooms are large and spacious and come in different grades including diamond, garnet, and the very spacious VIP room that can fit up to three couples.


Tiffany's Girls also provide escort service so if you feel like staying in your hotel you can do so at an additional cost.


In summary, the variety of girls and extras in Tiffany's makes it the cream of the crop and one of the best brothels in Sydney if you want to sample beautiful women of diverse nationalities. 


What Customer Say About Tiffany's Girls

The Good

Large roster or working ladies everyday

Beautiful ladies


The Bad

Customer service could be better



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Address: 110 Cathedral St, Woolloomooloo NSW 2011 

Phone number: 0417 110 110 

Opening hours: 11AM till late 7 days a week

Workers Ethnicity: Asian

Pricing: $240+ per hour 


If you ask regular Punters to choose one last punt before they retire, which brothel they would choose, chances are high they will say 5 Star City.


5 Star City is situated in Wooloomooloo at the centre of Sydney CBD and has a daily roster of about 8 Asian girls. However, it's not the diversity of it's workers that makes 5 Star City special.


What makes 5 Star City one of the best brothels in Sydney is its consistent supply of beautiful women at its roster and the level of service of its working ladies of all are in their early 20s.


Depending on the girl, extra services such as BBBJ and CIM seems to be included as a standard service here and that is always a good thing.


That's why 5 Star City has a very high return factor for many punters and why it sits at the very top of the best brothels in Sydney.



What Customers say about 5 Star City

The Good

Consistently attractive Asian women

Good service


The Bad

Rooms could be better


No. 5 Marrickville

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Address: 5 Gerald St, Marrickville 

Phone number: 0417 888 123

Opening hours: 10AM till late

Workers Ethnicity: Australian, Asian and International

Pricing: $200 + /hour depending on grade of service


No. 5 Marrickville brothel is 10 minutes away from Sydney Airport and situated near Newtown, a foodie haven in the inner city of Sydney.


What makes No. 5 Marrickville stand out is its impressive line up of working ladies every day and its recently renovated rooms makes this (literally) the best bang for your buck brothel in Sydney. 


What's more, their roster is updated daily so you know who to expect when you visit. 


No. 5 Marrickville has tiers of service depending on what you're willing to pay. 

The tiers are:

Standard: Standard full service with covered blowjob

Premium: Shower together before and after full service with natural blowjob

Diamond: All Premium services plus deep French kissing


No. 5 Marrickville also shares the same management as Nightshade brothel in 42 Gladesville so if you happen to be around that area, know their services are both top notch.


What customers say about No. 5 Marrickville

The Good

Great line up of mostly young Asian women

Value for money

Recently renovated rooms


The Bad

Inconsistent booking system


A Touch More Class

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Address: 377 Riley St, Surry Hills NSW 2010

Phone number: (02) 9212 4455

Opening hours: 24 hours

Workers Ethnicity: Aussies and International

Pricing: $350+ per hour


Established in 1972 and still going strong, A Touch More Class (formerly A Touch of Class) is perhaps the most famous brothel in Sydney and has served (according to its website) famous businessmen, entertainers and even politicians. One of their taglines is '’Recognise the name? Ask your dad or your dad’s dad,’' referencing the old days where dad's apparently take their sons to lose their virginity at this joint. 


A Touch More Class provides a high class service with the price to boot. All spacious rooms have large en suite bathrooms, rainfall LED showers, water jet spas, flat screen televisions, in-house adult movies and in-built bars.


While expensive in Sydney and even around the world, A Touch More Class is one of the brothels you have to visit at least once in your life to experience the best there is to offer in terms of luxury adult service and facilities if not it’s rich history.


A Touch More Class also has the same management as Liaisons brothel in Edgecliff, another high class albeit a little overpriced brothel.


To read up on A Touch More Class rich and complicated history click here


What Customers say about A Touch More Class

The Good

Excellent service

Great girlfriend experience

Nice rooms


The Bad


Entrance fee that gets refunded as a credits system should you leave without picking a girl



Sydney has some of the best and diverse brothels in the world. Although many of its brothels are located around the CBD and Surry Hills area, you are almost guaranteed to find a local one not too far from where you live or staying.


A typical standard full service in Sydney brothels include shower, covered oral and sex. Extras such as natural oral, CIM and anal will almost always cost extra and will depend on the individual ladies and their comfort level with you.


There are primarily two types of brothels in Sydney: Asian and Australian and International. Asian brothels tend to be slightly cheaper and have some extras included as a standard service such as natural oral sex.


Sydney brothels pricing range from around $200 to $500 per hour depending on the establishment. Expensive brothels tend to have better facilities, service and include some extras for ‘free’ but we found the service for ‘cheaper’ ones to be just as good if not better but around $200-$300 per hour tend to be the sweet spot for the best service and cost.





Number of brothels in Sydney

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