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How to Visit a Brothel: A Beginner’s Guide

How to Visit a Brothel: A Beginner’s Guide

Want to visit a brothel and wondering how to go about it?


Well, you’re in luck because in this article we will explain the etiquette, procedures and best practices when visiting the venue of mankind’s oldest profession.


Whether you are celebrating a special occasion or just curious, brothels can provide you with some much sought after companionship or just a bit of side adult entertainment.


You don’t have to be embarrassed because you are not alone. The percentage of men who pays for sex is actually quite high in some parts of the world. Statistically, Cambodia has the highest rate with almost 80% admitting to using the service of a sex worker. Australia is hovering around the 16% mark so out of your ten male friends, chances are at least one had paid for sex.


Safety and Regulation

Brothels are high regulated in Australia and all the workers there are regularly health-checked. Do keep in mind that brothels in Australia are only legal in states NSW, ACT, VIC and QLD. Although independent sex work in all other states are still legal.


How to Find a Brothel

The easiest way to search a brothel is through our website galsDB homepage. Just select your category: brothel and type in your destination or use your current destination and you will see a list of brothels closest to you. You may also find a brothel near you in your local newspaper or online.

Brothels in Australia are normally quite discreet unlike the above.


Before the Big Day

Before you dive in for your first brothel experience, make sure to do some background research first. What are your preferences and fantasies? Many brothels cater to a particular type of sex workers. Some establishments may specialise in Asian or European, some may have young workers as a majority or more mature workers etc…


A useful feature of galsDB is our review on a ad’s profile to ensure complete transparency so choose one with good reviews and the type of service you want. Unsure of what the services mean? Check out our sex terms and abbreviations page!


To ensure you don’t miss out, make sure to call up ahead to book. It is rare but some sex workers may prefer to serve a certain type of customer so it is always better to call ahead rather than be disappointed.



Some establishments do outcall services as well. Obviously it will be a little more expensive than visiting them directly due to travel and taxi fares but if you fancy them meeting in your hotel room or home that is an option.


If you’re feeling adventurous or want to choose on the spot just skip this step. Keep in mind that brothels are busiest on Thursdays, Fridays and on weekends.


Personal Preparation

Cleanliness is a high priority before the big day. While it is mandatory to take a shower before the service, many girls might be put off if you have bad personal hygiene. If you’re a hairy person, you might want to do some manscaping before the day as many women prefer trimmed rather than natural. It also make you look bigger if you’re into optical illusions. It’s optional though.


On the Big Day

Finally, the big day! We know you are excited to visit a brothel for the first time but there are a few things to double check before you head out.


Bring ID

Please note that brothels are by law only legal for adults over the age of 18. If you look young and do not have an ID they have the right to refuse entry so make sure to bring your ID just in case.


Don’t be intoxicated or under the influence of drugs

By law brothel will refuse entry to anyone intoxicated or under the influence of drugs. So while it may seem fun to make a visit with mates after a boozy night out, don’t be surprised if you’re turned away. Alcohol is detrimental to the enjoyment of sex anyway, so stay dry to make the most of your first time experience!

Cash or Credit Card

On the big day before you head out, make sure you bring enough cash or your credit card to save you the hassle of coming back if you’re short on money. While most workers don’t expect you to be in a suit, make sure you look presentable at least. You will find most ladies will give you better service that way.

All brothels accept cash but not all accept credit cards. Plus, cash leave no trails…


Condoms and lube are provided by the worker of the establishment so only bring your own if you have a special preference.


When You Arrive

Brothels are normally very secure and most likely you will need to be buzzed in. You will be then be greeted by a mama-san or papa-san and be lead into a lounge or private room. If you have a booking mention it now and they will get your preferred lady to escort you into the room otherwise they may recommend a girl for you. You may mention this being your first time and the brothel will give you a brief tour of what to expect and how things flow.


If you want to see all working ladies available, ask to see their line up.


Tip : If you let mama-san choose and you do not have a preference the chances are she will choose one who is the least busy or least booked to balance out the work. What this means is you might get the short end of the straw because the least booked often means their service may not be as good.


The line-up

One by one the ladies will walk in and give a brief introduction. Some may be pushy but don’t be afraid to insist on seeing the rest of the line up first. Don’t take it to heart if you choose one over another – after-all different folks different strokes. It’s just the nature of the game and they won’t be offended. At any case, tell mama-san your preference and off you go!


Don’t be Afraid to Walk Away


While it’s rare, if you don’t see someone you fancy, don’t be afraid to walk away – it’s your hard earned cash after-all. Just make any excuse will: You forgot your wallet, you forgot to turn off the stove at home, you feel like masturbating instead – you are only limited by your imagination.


Follow Guidance and be Respectful

Always be respectful while you’re inside a brothel. While the sex worker will try to accommodate your fantasies always ask for permission if you feel your demand might be out of bound. Be nice and you will find your attitude will be reciprocated with better service and maybe even some extras! Different sex workers offer different services. Some sex workers may offer extras so don’t be embarrassed to ask. Be as specific as you can – don’t worry, they’ve most likely heard it all before.


Standard Service and Extras

When you visit a brothel you are paying for a standard or full service. Ironically a standard service anything but standard depending on the worker and or the brothel. However, most will agree that it includes covered oral sex, sex in different positions (that the worker is able to physically perform) and massage if time permits. Anything outside of those are known as extras.


Extras are basically anything that’s part of the standard full service and can include: anal, 69, kissing, cum in mouth, cum on breasts etc… Charges for extras are flexible and is determined by the girl.


If the girl provides extras as part of their standard service, please give them a good review to reflect their high level of service!



Most brothels don’t offer unsafe sex practices because they are required to provide a health certificate every 6-8 weeks. So expect to get wrapped. Unsafe sex practices puts both you and your partners at risk. Unsafe sex practices without permission is a chargeable offence.



Tipping is not required but if you have a connection with the lady or if their services are above and beyond what is called for, please do leave them a tip to show them your appreciation. These ladies often work very hard to make a living. Although it is often a very good living but we will explore that in another article.

The Day After

If you like the service you received please give them a good review under their profile page at galsDB. Likewise, if you feel they should up their game, please leave them a review to reflect that. Leaving a review is very important so look after your fellow punters.


If you want to leave a detailed review of your conquest, please leave an after report in our forums.