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Ads FAQs

How do I post an ad?

  1. Before you can post an ad, make sure you register an account with us. To register for an account, please go to: and follow the instructions
  2. After your registration you will be required to fill in a few details regarding your ad. Below are the required information to setup a new ad.

Title: Title of your ad. You may or may not wish to include your name and location here. If you do, it makes it easier for clients to find you via title search.

Category: Select from the drop down listClick ‘NEXT’ after you have filled out the category

Price: Pricing for your services per hour.

Add photo or video: Upload any relevant images or videos for your ad.

Age: Your age

Bust Size: Your bust size

Ad Description: Background about yourself. Services you offer. Your rates and additional relevant information goes here.

Your Name: Your name

Mobile Number: Contact number you want clients to see.

Country: Select Australia and the state you current reside.

Address:The easier way is to click on the ‘My location’ icon to get your current address. Otherwise, drag and move the pin icon on the map to your desired location. This makes it so clients can easily find you via location search.

add-address3. SUBMIT – Click on this button once you have finished setting up your ad. Our moderator will review your ad and provided it meet our criterias will have it approved in the next 24-48 hours.

How many photos can I have in my ad?

You can currently post a maximum of 6 images including main image. Premium and Professional users in the future will have up to 30 images in a single ad.

How do I edit an existing ad to change photos, locations, personal details etc…

  1. Login to your account dashboard via
  2. Underneath the ‘MY ADS’ tab, select the pencil icon to modify your ad.


How do I bump an ad?

Bumping an ad means to make your existing ad go to the top of the page. Bump-Ups are available to professional and premium subscriptions only. If you are not a subscriber, please purchase one of the packages at then proceed with the steps below.


  1. Please login to your account dashboard via:
  2. In your dashboard underneath ‘MY ADS’ tab click on ‘Bump-Up’


How do I make an ad featured?

Featured ads are seen more often.

  1. Please login to your account dashboard via:
  2. Underneath the ‘MY ADS’ tab, select ‘MARK FEATURED’ button


General FAQs

Are you an escort agency?

No, galsDB only deals with the advertising and marketing involved in this website.

Can I contact you if there're issues involved with a transaction?

galsDB facilitates only with the advertising and marketing of this website. It is encouraged that you negotiate the terms and conditions with the advertiser prior to meeting. If it’s a fake ad, please report the ad immediately on their ad page.

Does it cost anything to post an ad?

It is 100% free to post an ad. However, if you want it to gain more exposure there are a variety of packages available.

How long does it take to post an ad?

Setup and posting an ad takes less than 10 minutes. However, to ensure that ads are appropriate and contains no offensive material, we may need to review and approve the ads before it goes live.

Are there contracts involved with any of the packages?

No, there are no contracts involved. For long term ads, we do offer discounts and additional benefits- please contact galsDB at

What are the methods of payments?

We take Paypal and all major credit card payments.

Can I cancel the package plans anytime?

Yes, you can cancel anytime.

How is our information stored?

Transactions are through our SSL encrypted web servers which means no one will be able to see and decipher your information and the information you send. We do not under any circumstances sell or transfer our clients information to any third party. Privacy and security is our highest priority.