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    The cover photo for the ad is fake, but in her ad there are 4 fake photos and 2 real photos. The fake photos are actually a good representation of what she looks like, but it was the 2 real photos that got my attention! She had just started working in Sydney yesterday, so I was hoping to be a first client, so I quickly texted and booked to see her that night.

    She was so nice and accommodating! Booked her early in the day for 8pm, but closer to the time she said she wasn’t ready. She wanted to go to the shops and buy some drinks etc and settle into her hotel room, so we postponed to 8:30pm. At 8:30pm she let me know she was there and I could come up if I wanted, but she needed a bit of time to put on some make up. I was happy to wait a bit longer for her to dress up. I found it really nice that she went to the effort actually. I actually didn’t mind the little bit of time change, it was more spontaneous, like picking up, or meeting a fuck buddy for a hook up.

    Anyway, once she was ready, she told me which elevator door to stand in front of (presumably so that the receptionist doesn’t see her all the time with different guys). She came down, and the elevator doors opened up, and god damn! I knew it was going to be good.

    Shes very pretty! Like a young version of Penelope Cruz… maybe mixed with that girl from Fast and Furious. The girl that plays Vin Diesels sister.
    Shes 22 years old, and looks it. Very nice smooth skin. Enhanced tits unfortunately, but all in all, I’m a sucker for a pretty face, so I didn’t mind. Tall looking cause of the heels she had on, but very petite small face and small body, and long wavy black hair. She was wearing a nice flowy dress. She had a pale powered coloured lip stick on which made her lips look so kissable, and I gave her a quick kiss in the elevator.

    Got into the room and paid for the hour. I originally booked for 30 mins, but knew 30 mins wasn’t going to be enough. Had a small chat, and a drink, and had a shower.

    When I got out of the shower, I don’t mind taking things slow. Spent quite a bit of time kissing her and taking off her dress. Underneath she was wearing lingerie. A black lacy one piece that covered her breast and and belly, but was a gstring bottom so didn’t cover her ass. I ran my hands all over her body as I kissed and undressed her, and once my hands reached her ass, I was so surprised and had to stop! OH MY GOD her butt was so tight and firm and big!!

    I took a step back, and twirled her around so I could enjoy the view. She still had the lingerie on. I’ve never seen an ass like that before, but I’ve never been with a brazilian before. I instantly thought of facebook as the page “yeah she squats”. … 13421588&type=3

    I showed her the website and we had a laugh. She goes to the gym a lot she says. There wasn’t a mirror in front of the bed, so I took her to the wardrobe area near the bathroom with mirrors so we could continue our foreplay. Kissing, neck kissing nibbling, all the while I could enjoy the view of her ass in the mirror. As you can imagine things continued to escalate. I picked her up so she had her legs around my waist, and carried her back to the bed and the session continued. Ball licking was really good! What was funny was because she had been to the gym her leg muscles were sore, so I couldn’t get her to stretch her legs into every position. Doggy style was fantastic as you can imagine!!

    I really wanted a better view, so I asked if we could go back to the mirror. It was a wardrobe mirror, where there is a full length mirror in front of you, and a full length mirror behind you. So when you look in the mirror, the image keeps reflecting back and forth, so it looks like your reflection goes on forever if you know what i mean.

    We went back to the mirrors, and did it in doggy position standing up. So gloriously fantastic to see the million reflections of us doing it!! I felt like Christian Bale in American Psycho! She reached underneath and started playing with my balls as we did it doggy standing up, then she had her hands spread out leaning on the mirror like I was a cop doing a strip search.. soo good. I lay on the ground in between the mirrors and she sat on me to cow girl. I can still picture the image of her long hair flowing down her body, and the reflections of us doing it surrounding me. It was like I was surrounded in sex!

    I tried to hold it off, and stop so we could go back to the bed. But I just bloody couldn’t hold it in! I wish I could.But I came right there surrounded by reflections of myself cheering me on. Good damn work Spellbind said the reflections.

    Anyway, I had a fantastic time. Still had a bit of time left. We went back to the bed, and she offered a massage, but I was happy enough to just talk and get to know her. Shes very open and friendly and easy to talk to. Great Session

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