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    Went and saw her today, and was kept waiting for 20 mins in the pissing rain. Not a good start. Got to her room, no way she is 19 more like 29, but she isn’t a pork chop. She is quite pretty and has a nice body, so I paid for 30mins $120.00. Her ad states that you will recieve your full time 1/2 hour etc. but I have never had a shorter session, ever, I doubt I was there 15mins total. She just did what she wanted, didn’t ask me anything. She started with a cat bath while putting on the rubber (this was average and she kept making these weird noises like soft coughing), then she just jumped on. NO BJ, im like WTF, she says no this is better, so ok woteva. She just goes straight into overdrive, and despite my best efforts after less than 10mins im done. Then she says you can take a shower and walks out of the room.

    So once again I get ripped off, she might not have be some ugly pig, but I feel just as wronged. So avoid this one guys, and if anyone actually finds a decent girl let me know.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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