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    Have been sampling private services here and found Sonya looks like something good to handle and she provides good text communication and direction to her private apartment near the CBD.
    When I have negotiated the security system, I get to the door and Sonya is waiting for me as Nicole slips away to the second bedroom.
    Sonya is in a slinky low cut dress that shows off her large tits in a very becoming fashion. Into the room, and Sonya leaves me to get undressed but is back quickly to help me and start stroking my cock as I help her take off her dress. ( we only have 30 minutes ). Those tits need some support so she still has her black bra and a skimpy thong on as we roll onto the bed and she takes me in her mouth. I move onto my back head on the pillows as the sun streams in through the venetian blinds on a hot sunny day. Afternoon delights. We continue in this general vein as I get her bra off and her thong and play with her dark pussy while she sucks my cock.
    After what is probably programmed time, Sonya rolls the condom from her mouth on to my cock and she is on top of me and then helping me slide in, telling me that I have a huge cock and it is so big for an Asian pussy. Flattery. The room has a large full length mirror on one side so there is a good view of us and of Sonya’s large tits moving around as a I rub and suck them. Over and into some missionary where Sonya accommodates me putting her legs on my shoulders. I think I am performing for the mirror and it does look quite good. Time is marching on and I do get some advice on that and we separate and I enter her from behind and hold on to her quite lovely bum as I pound away ( partially for the mirror again)
    Planning to do it again soon and probably try Nicole. OK

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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