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    I was directed into a waiting room, and the door opened a few moments later, and in walked Lucy. She had a big smile and seemed like a really nice girl, short blonde hair, looked like she had a nice body and about C cups too so I ended up choosing her for a half hour session. the half hour set me back $180 AUD. So not cheap, but pretty standard for brothel prices in Canberra. We went to the room which was just amazing. A huge shower, a Jacuzzi (which is only for longer sessions than 30 mins), a big circular bed, and the place just looked great. I was very very impressed by the room. Even the towels at the shower were brand new and fluffy. Anyway, I had a shower, while she left for a few minutes, and I sat on the bed waiting for her. She came in and we talked for a bit and we really just clicked. She is a really easy going girl who it seems really enjoys her job I told her im very visual, and she cottoned on straight away. she told me to lay back and enjoy the show. Oh yeah, I didnt mention the huge strippers pole in the room! She did an awesome strip routine for me, with a little music from the CD player in the corner. She was really good at it, as I found out later she has worked as a stripper before. Really showed how athletic her body was when she pulled off some of those manoevers. She ended up on the bed in front of, completely naked with her legs spread open, and reached down and spread her lips open for me. This turned me on sooo much. I couldnt beleive how quickly she had picked up on exactly what I like. She then pushed me back down and gave me a bit of a massage, but not for too long as we only had the 30 minute session. Then onto a CBJ, which she did adequately, nothing too special here though. What she did do is arrange herself so that her ass was pointing straight at a mirror so that I could have a good view of everything as she was giving me the blow job. I thought it was very thoughtful of her lol! She then jumped down on the bed and we did some missionary, doggy, cowgirl, then I asked for some reverse cowgirl as she had a really nice ass. She stood upon the bed over me, then before sitting on me, she spread herself open and asked me what the view was like. I just giggled a little. this girl really had me figured out in about 20 minutes! It turns out that from reading the website she does anal. Next time Ill definitely ask about that! We finished off in reverse cowgirl, and she jumped off and lay next to me for a bit. We chatted some more until the time was up, we actually over stayed for a few mins but she said it didnt matter cause it was the end of the night anyway. One thing to note that was offputting for about 1 second was that while doing her doggy she kept reaching around to make sure the condom was still on. Like I said my first thought was that it kind of ruined the illusion, BUT, then I thought about it, and I realised that its a really good thing how seriously she took her health and wellbeing while soing a job like this. She didnt do DATY, no digit insertions either without some sort of protection. All in all seems like a smart gril who is fun to be with.

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