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    Went to her apartment down near Mary St. and had to waited a bit before going up. Had a little phone trouble

    She’s quick tall for an asian…half korean and half japanese (mother’s japanese) and has the japanese/korean language to boot! I usually like to test the girls to see if they are really from where they say so I try to pick up a few words that aren’t part of usual conversation to see if they understand…haha…call it a pet peev of mine…

    Anyways, it’s totally all gfe, we spent the majority of the first 30min chatting like old friends…

    but after that it’s gogogo! But she’s very delicate and sensual so it’s a soft touch…which actually really turns me on…and she smells nice! Don’t you hate it when you get to a WG and she smells nasty? Totally ruins the mood.

    Anyways, so it’s a cbj, very slow so it’s very good for me…i love bbbj so it’s not quite as sensitive but still a good job…after about 15min of this we go for the FS

    Her pussy is pretty tight and not being exceptionally endowed, i can still reach her end…that’s GREAT…and it feels great…we do a couple positions and end in doggie…she has a full closet mirror right next to the bed so it’s great to check her out…even she’s checking herself out while riding me!

    So after i unload we just kinda lie there and chat some more…she has another customer waiting but we probably hit it off so she’s reluctant to end the session…

    Overall, a great punt!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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