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    Made a booking through the website. Tiny is a genuinely friendly girl who comes across as shy when you first meet her. And then she turns into the craziest nymphomaniac you will ever meet!

    When she opened the door to greet me, she looked so young and innocent. After a bit of chit chat to relax, she soon led me to the shower to get the fun started. The DFK started before our clothes were even off, and she took every chance to kiss me deeply as we peeled each others clothes off piece by piece.

    The first thing I noticed when the clothes finally came off was this girl was fully shaved. Not a single hair on her tight little pussy and the little thing was already wet before we hopped into the shower. Into the shower where she used every part of her body to clean me up while simply DFK me the entire time. She would not let my tongue rest at all!

    I couldn’t resist giving her some DATY in the shower so slowly made my way down pausing to pay attention to her perky breasts. When I was near her clit, she started grinding herself against my tongue and yelling for me not to stop. With water dripping everywhere, soon she was shuddering and yanking at my hair. She looked a little embarrassed that she came.
    Dried off, more DFK, and onto the bed where she started a BBBJ on my now rock hard cock. As enjoyable as it was, I wanted to fuck her. Dommed up and slowly entered her missionary. She was having none of it, and demanded I go harder. The sight of her shaved pussy is one to behold!

    I needed a breather or I was going to explode too quickly, so I pulled out. Tiny had other ideas and got on all fours and wanted it doggy and I was only too happy to oblige. As I was caressing her bum, she said “you can fuck it if you want”. I nearly came right there. I’m not the biggest fan of anal, but I did the maths in my head and figured I wouldn’t ever get the chance to do this with an 18 year old ever again so thought what the heck. She wanted an extra $150 and I agreed quickly.

    Her little bum was TIGHT. Soon she was yelling pleasure while I couldn’t hold back and blasted a load into her butt. I collapsed absolutely spent.

    Tiny genuinely loves sex. Soft, fast, hard – doesn’t matter. This girl craves it. Anyone in Sydney, go see her now!

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    Nice:) One more thing offf yur bucket list then!!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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