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    Just had a very disappointing experience with a Korean girl nicknamed “Kathy” or “Kelly”. Don’t know which one is right as the staff doesn’t speak english well when pronouncing her name. Anyway she smiled a lot in line-up. However… in the room, no smile whatsoever. After we both naked she gave me a 2 min lazy massage, 1 min bad BBBJ then wanted to cap my LB even though I paid for 45 min. I said no, and asked her to lay down and I started touching her. She was very defensive and kept both hands up and blocking my every move…. no touching breast, no touching below the breast, no kissing, no liking anywhere but nipple. WTH??? So I put on the condom and started pumping. After 15 mins I exploded and she asked me to flip over and gave me another lazy massage. After 5 min she laid down on the bed doing nothing…. So as an excuse I told her that I am going to give her massage. At least I can touch her around.

    When the time almost up, I approached the shower cubicle and she said “i shower first” bad bad bad! All my past experience the girl will asked me to shower first.

    She should be the one who pay me instead for my massage!!!! Anyway, bro beware. Stay away from her.

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