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Nuru Massage: Everything You Need To Know

Nuru Massage: Everything You Need To Know

Nuru massage, you may not know the term but you most definitely would have seen it performed in adult videos. It is a Japanese full body-to-body erotic massage performed by a masseuse or several masseuses on their client by rubbing their nude body against his (or hers) while covered in slimy, clear gel.  


It is also, quite simply, heaven on earth.


Want to know more about it? Well, you’re in luck because today we are going balls deep in this slippery erotic art from the east.


Nuru Massage Origins

Like all things amazing such as the dakimakura, tenga male masturbators and portable toilet paper dispensers, nuru massage originated from Japan, specifically Kawasaki in the Kanagawa prefecture.

Nuru massage: just one of the many wonderful inventions from Japan


While prostitution was widely available in Japan’s history, it took a turning point in 1956 when the law prohibiting prostitution was passed. The law stated that “No person may either do prostitution or become the customer of it”. Where the Japanese define prostitution as “intercourse with an unspecified person in exchange for payment”. However, no judicial penalty were enforced for breaching this. As you can see, this created room for loopholes. This, coupled with the lax law enforcement meant the sex industry isn’t going anywhere.    


Sex workers established the soapland and nuru massage bathhouses as a result of this law. However, the initial term for these establishments were called ‘Toruko-buro’ or Turkish baths. The Turkish embassy, as you might guess, were not happy they misrepresented this term for sexual purposes and so The Tokyo Special Bathhouse Association did the only logical thing they can to decide its new name – by launching a nationwide competition. Hence, the new term “soapland” was chosen and the winner was rewarded with a 3 day holiday to Hokkaido.


Nuru massage and soaplands were widely popular in Japan for a long time but it wasn’t until the Internet era that nuru massage really caught on in the west.


The word ‘nuru’, a shortened form of ‘nurunuru’, means ‘slippery’ in Japanese.


Health Benefits

More than a feel-good massage, nuru massage is said to provide a myriad of wellbeing and health benefits including:


Stress Reduction and Relaxation

Having a soothing nuru massage can make you feel more relaxed due to reduced muscle tension. The soothing tactile sensation alleviates both physical and mental stress.


Increased Joint Mobility and Flexibility

Joint mobility and flexibility is achieved due to the release of muscle tension around joints. This allows for the range of movements in the joints to be increased.


Improved Skin Tone

By massaging muscles close to the skin and allowing blood circulation, a nuru massage can aid cell regeneration and improve skin tone


Improved Recovery of Soft Tissue Injuries

Massaged muscles allows for blood circulation which can improve recovery of soft tissue injuries


Boosts Immune System

Stress burdens your immune system. By alleviating stress, your immune system has a chance to work to its full potential. Additionally, a nuru massage improves lymphatic drainage which again provides a boost to your immune system.


Reduced Anxiety and Depression

In today’s hectic lifestyle, sleep is a rare commodity and without a good night’s rest, a number of health problems occur such as fatigue, anxiety and even depression. While a good massage doesn’t cure depression, it helps to calm the mind and body so you can get a good night’s sleep.  


It Feels Good

No, really, a good nuru massage helps to release endorphins the same feel-good chemicals that are released when you do fun things like exercise and of course, sex. In fact, men have even described it to be better than sex, because of the sensual full body contact.


The Tools of Nuru Massage 

Nuru massage kit

A nuru massage can be performed on a simple inflatable bed and specially made nuru gel, a slippery, clear, odourless and tasteless solution.The nuru gel is normally made from nori seaweed which is normally used for wrapping sushi. Other ingredients could include aloe vera, Chamomile flower and antioxidant Grapefruit extract.


Nuru gel are normally mixed into warm water before application to the bodies to bring it into its desired consistency and temperature.


Can You Eat It?

Nuru gel is high Vitamin B and Iodine. Below are some of the health benefits:


Vitamin B

Vitamin B provides a good supplement for vegans as its lacking in many plant based foods.

B vitamins help promote a healthy metabolism and are also linked to a reduced risk of stroke, research shows. There are a number of health benefits including: 

  • Contains healthy hormones
  • Prevention of anemia
  • Reduce risk of heart attack
  • Breaks food into energy
  • Boosts immune system
  • Prevents beriberi
  • Lowers stroke rate



Common benefits of iodine: 

  • Improve thyroid conditions
  • Treating skin disease caused by fungus
  • Prevents breast cancer
  • Prevents eye disease
  • Prevents diabetes
  • Prevents heart disease and stroke
  • Treat coughs


So in theory, nuru gel contains a plethora of nutritional benefits. It is also good for your skin and provides a soothing property. Is it edible? Yes, it is edible and has no harmful effects but considering it is often mixed with warm water before use along with other ingredients mixed in and have no flavour or taste I don’t know why you’ll want to.


Nuru Massage What’s Included 

Nuru massage and soaplands are not synonymous with prostitution in Japan as prostitution is defined as “having intercourse with an unspecified person for monetary gains”. Hence, while prostitution is illegal in Japan, nuru massage is perfectly legal.


In a traditional Japanese nuru massage, the below services are offered:

  • Kissing
  • Cuddling
  • Stripping
  • Shower play
  • Touching
  • Fingering
  • Licking
  • Oral on her
  • Oral on you (covered)


Sexual intercourse is not normally on the menu as it considered as prostitution.  

nuru massage guide
Nuru massage guide


Nuru Massage East Vs West


Historically, nuru massage in Japan are catered to Japanese speaking customers only. This may not be racially motivated as the Japanese take pride in their profession and language barriers would prevent their best service. However, more and more establishments are accepting foreigners nowadays. There are also some that exclusively service foreigners and tourists but like the west, many girls in the industry can avoid serving foreigners at their request.


In the west, nuru massage when performed in legal states are often finished with a sexual service that’s negotiable with the masseuse.


Where to Get a Nuru Massage

Nuru massage can be found in red light districts in major cities or onsen towns in Japan. In Australia, it’s a little bit rarer but there are several establishments and private escorts that specialise in nuru massage. Check out our massage ladies section at galsDB and you will definitely find someone who can cater to your needs.