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Sexpo: What You Should Expect to See

Sexpo: What You Should Expect to See

We paid a visit to Sexpo in Sydney recently and thought our readers will like some saucy details on what goes on there.

Sexpo, since its inception 20 years ago (in 1996) may have a reputation as a promotional event for adult entertainers and services but what we witnessed on the night is far from it. In fact, its audience consists of curious teenagers and young adults to seasoned veterans, couples and everything in between. Not once, does one feel out of place in this strange yet somehow comfortable and fun setting.

Such is the case this week when we took on the difficult task of watching nude and curvy models strut their stuff on stage and getting intimate with a few international pornstars just so you don’t have get out of your second favorite chair. It’s a thankless job, we know.

The expo is basically divided by three main sections: the main stage, a number of lounge exhibits and a large number of stores selling all things adult related. The theme this year is about future sex and has on display the DeLorean time machine/car from Back to the Future, the first sexbot ‘Harmony’ (who you can take home if you have a spare 20 grand) and a VR (Virtual Reality) zone.

Without ado-ing further, below are some of the things to expect at Sexpo.


1. Nudity

Well, for an expo based on sex, what did you expect? However, it is more of a fun type of nudity like the Mardi Gras than erotic. The atmosphere of Sexpo is rather light and while full on nudity is there, it is mostly on stage and inside private sections such the pole dancing section where you need to pay extra to get in if you’re not a premium ticket holder. Lap dances are $100 for 5 minutes if that’s your thing. Personally, I would rather sample some of the newbies of galsDB for a little more.

2. Pornstars

Every year Sexpo invites a number of International pornstars to the venue. This year’s we saw Jenna Haze, Lisa Ann, Lana Rhoades, Kenna James, Madison Missina and Marica Hase. So you can definitely say it tried to cater to everyone’s taste. You can have your photo taken with them and also get an autographed photo of them to keep for later. Even better, get an autographed fleshlight or vibrating cyberskin stroker of your favourite pornstar. Ladies, if any of you is reading this, please contact us. We’ll definitely save you a spot on our favourites list.

3. Stage Shows

Stage shows are probably the main draw of Sexpo. Expect to see gravity defying acrobats, cosplay and plenty of stripping.

The main catch is that shows are short and far between. A typical schedule is a 10 minute show followed by a 30-60 minute period where your only option is to circle about the many stores selling similar adult toys and products. I mean how many types of vibrators can you see before it gets a little repetitive? Luckily there are a few food stores inside so you can sit back and people watch while you wait for the next stage show.

4. Pricasso and His Painting Penis

Possibly the most interesting and most popular personality in the entire show is Pricasso. No, that’s not a typo. Pricasso does with his penis, scrotum and buttocks what many of us wish we could do with our hands. His portraits are flamboyant yet there’s a real ahem, realness to it.
He is somewhat of an International celebrity so pay him a visit if you’re there. Portrait start from $50 but the experience? Priceless.

Pricasso working his magic

5. Toys and more toys

While Sexpo has many stores for you to browse, the majority will be sex toys. Expect many stores filled with dildos and vibrators of many shapes and sizes. Handcuffs and other SM gear also available at somewhat cheaper prices than retail.

Check out the showbags below – they are actually quite a bargain!

Sexpo showbags

6. Cosplay

There is an abundance of cosplay at the expo. Ranging from professional to weekend amateurs. Check out Miss Nude World’s Halo costume. Sure does put some professional cosplays to shame and the best part? She takes it all off at the end!

The Master or Mistress Chief makes a visit

7. Carnival Games and Rides

Carnal-val games are the norm in every Sexpo and this year is no different. Test your ‘smashing’ skills on the Penis strength tester. Put balls down Carnival clowns that are replaced with various naughty bits. Ride in Shafter, the mighty penis.

Ride the Shafter

8. Different types of People

As you would expect. Sexuality comes in all shapes and sizes and so it’s no wonder you will find many different people at the expo. From young and and old, skinny and plump, hetereosexual to homosexual and everything in between.

9. Non sex related products

There are a few stores that sell non-related sex products such as flying remote controlled helicopters and paintball parties just in case you’re the type of person that goes to Sexpo looking for that type of stuff.

These are the nine things you can expect from Sexpo. It really is a diverse exhibition that explores many aspects of sexuality without judgement so if you haven’t been already make sure to pay them a visit in your city in the coming weeks. For further updates please visit

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  1. Very well covered. I agree that it’s more of a see it once kind of event but if they have my favorite pornstars, I will definitely be keen.

  2. I was there!

  3. We’re getting it in AUG