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    i was on the shitter one day at work and i picked up a Manly Daily with me.
    i normally only read the Sex guide section to see whats happening around the northern beaches. I came across an ad for “Tantra Massage Goddess”.
    Now i had plenty of different massages over the years but never had Tantra.
    i was off Monday so i was emailing Bella on Sunday to make an appointment with her.
    i took the Tantra Exploration and boy……was it an exploration or not. I felt like i was indiana jones of Tantra when i was finish with her.
    the bookings was for 10am and it was a 2.5hr session for $450……well worth it.
    before i go on……….for the the bros who is not very good at meditating then Bella is not for you.
    i turned up 10mins early and decide to call her telling her i’m downstairs. She sound abit annoy as i was early but never the less she came down and greeted me.
    She took me into her temple of love and shown me around. She sat me down on the couch and started to make small talk with me……its her way to make a connection.
    After a brief chat she took me up stairs and show me the sauna. We both got naked and she offer me to have a shower but i decline as i had a shower just before i went to see her. Once we were in the sauna she started to clean me with a cloth…….she touched everypart of my body except for my lil bro.
    she was explaining to me about tantra and i took it all in like a good A grade student.
    we kissed a little and fondled little for about 15min in the sauna. ( guys i wont tell you the tantra stuff as it is something you have to experience yourself ….but its worth it )
    after the sauna, we had a cold shower together and she took me down stairs where her temple is.
    i was lying naked on the bed and she proceed to give me a very very erotic massage. it was a soft massage but it was one of the best soft massage i ever had.
    During the massage she was teaching me the technics of tantra. Breathing, Focusing, Movement. It was fascinating and i was in heaven.
    after about 1hr of the massage, she ask me to turn over and continue with more massage and she ask me to do the same to her.
    She was beautiful and she said Tantra is all about connection………and we were connected.
    i was touching every inch of her body and she responded in lots of moan.
    We kissed, touch, rub each other for like another 30min.
    i had my hand over her pussy and slowly and gently rubbing her pussy and she got very very wet and she said she was ready.
    we fucked in few different position and orgasm a few times without cumming ( one of the technics of tantra ). she told me where to focus and the way to breath would achieve an explosive orgasm……….i follow her instruction and with in seconds i blow my load in a strong orgasm. It was the most amazing thing i ever had.
    after we have satisfy each other needs, we kissed for another 10min before she took me up stairs and have a shower together.
    i’m seening her again next week and she is one attractive woman.


    Sounds like you had a great time. Thanks for the detailed report!

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